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Minimalism. What is it? Well, Websters defines it as "A movement in art, dance, music, etc., beginning in the 1960's, in which only the simplest design, structure, forms, etc. are used, often repetitiously, and the artist's individuality is minimized." That aside, I can tell you how it applies to LiteStep.

Basically, it's the same idea. Simple design, repeated forms. However, the reasoning behind it is different. Minimalism with LiteStep allows you to make more use of your desktop, and not have to worry about flashy designs or other crap that would normally get in the way.

This site is an answer to this need for minimalism. I have searched around for nice minimalistic themes, and even modules that will further you along your quest for the minimalistic desktop, or something. I will also have a gallery of screenshots of minimalistic desktops in the near future.

I have a few guidelines for picking out minimalistic themes and screenshots. I will almost never pick one that uses wharf folders. Also, flashy colors are usually a turnoff. Beyond that, the decision is up to me.

I should acknowledge Spudge, whose idea this site was, and the pioneer minimalist in the LiteStep Community. Also dawm, for hosting the first minimalist gallery. HUGE thanks goes out to ben, because he provided the space AND the domain (always nice to know that minimalism owns).

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