I Take Pictures of Everything

I really do…

Looks like Dreamhost broke my gallery again…

No surprise, gallery is returning 500 errors… I’ll have to look into this and see what broke. I’m guessing they changed the PHP version again.

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Finally fixed my gallery

At some point dreamhost upgraded me from php5 to 7 and gallery2 doesn’t support that. I finally reverted the site to php5 and put some backups in place. Most things are on my FB page linked on the right, this is really just here for archival purposes and to keep old forum links live.

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Photos uploaded to Facebook…

I recently re-posted all of my anime-convention stuff to a Facebook page so that folks can like/share posts, as I haven’t been motivated enough to do that here.

Eventually I will, as I’d like something I can plug into other social-media platforms, but that’s for another day.

Check everything out at: https://www.facebook.com/photosfromdave

image link to photosfromdave


— Dave

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Testing out linking to gallery…

The last time I had this front page up, I messed around with the WPG2 plugin which turned out to just not work in the slightest.

I think I’m just going to link things by hand from now on, as it’s a lot more reliable.

Recently I attended Jammin Java for the first time, where I got to see my friend Brian Franke play live. I happened to bring the D700 with me, which worked out well, as Jammin’s stage is DARK and I really needed the extra ISO.

Take a look:
Brian Franke at Jammin Java

— Dave

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Site seems to be stable…

I’ve updated everything, re-created all databases from scratch, and have begun the process of re-populating my gallery. I even took the time to edit the theme up a bit from the default to make it a bit less “stock.”

Everything should be back as it was shortly.

— Dave

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So now the rest of my DB tables were dropped.

Joy, first my gallery tables were borked/inaccessible/empty, but now my wordpress tables were dropped as well.



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